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kinda spam my own work and you can still it in time for xmas

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interests of your truly

I am a member of the SCA a medieval reenactment group as well as someone that has flirted with other group in the same area such the Empire of Chivalry and Steel and the Adrain Empire. the can read a lot of my life here on facebook

Monday, September 26, 2016

about this blog

while you canread this at my author page it like is easier to read at blogger derect

Sunday, September 25, 2016

well second story is live and s wether I guess I am now officaly out of the closet

one here is the story at this moment it is live with slight problem of spelling on the cover (why kindle will not let me mispell something on the contents but will let me on the cover I really don't know but that may well be gone by the time anyone gets around to reading this. The story announces to the world the fact I am not gay or str8 but bisexual

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Micheal the story

In another burst of writing I have finished a totally new story. it is fictionalized account of my relationship with a young gay man. Where it really differs from the real events is that I period of his being in a mental hospital is left out and cut short and all the names are left out but his name is the only one in it. The story is a downer over all. I found that for reason I just had to write it. I hope those read it will get a view of what it can be like to be deferent in America. I of course will let everyone know when it goes live so you can all buy my book.

working on a storey of perhaps more interest to my frineds in the SCA

the SCA is a non profit educational group that explores the past before 1600. we create out own personas and tell there stories and learn what and what how they might have done things. My primary persona is Named Konstans Erickidaes I have also created 2 half borhers Issac bin Erick and Boryn erickson and in the SCA and there Facebook pages I share material that might be of interest to. back the story These folks live in the early 13th century and have lives that central around the great city Constainpole in the 1204 the city was taken by the 4th crusade this story conicles the lives of a few people that might have lived through though this trying time and check their dad for stuff about him and his sons in the modern world and medieval Erick of Kiev

why does my new story only seem to tell it self at night

it has been rough on the effort to get sleep but hopefully i will give folks an interesting story

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sometimes a story jumps out at you.

I have read essays by writers who tell me or rather tell us the public that sometimes a story comes to you and demands to be told. I have not experienced that sensation... Till now. I have spent hours dictating and otherwise arguing with Dragon naturally speaking to tell not a sci-fi story which is what I had been working on, a continuation of my first story pilot to the director, but a fictionalized version of a real story of my life. It is a story with a lot of what I would call the serial numbers polished off. It is story of a young gay boy coming of age, and an older bisexual guy me as happens dealing with his first man to man relationship involving things other than sex has I had done many times with close friends who were male but not lovers, combined with these other things and sex all-in-one package. This story new nothing ever before written down by me is now in one sitting twice as long as pilot my first story. Pilot is a hopefully funny sci-fi story. Michael this is not funny at all. The story is not erotica exactly or what one might call porn. When it is written I hope it will let people know just how ingrained heterosexuality is in American society.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A slight case of writers block

Been trying to work on the next story Trouble in Olympus, but things are not progressing well.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

what I am working next

the next story is titled trouble in Olympus it was written years ago, the manusprict is lost in several moves. so like the last one I am rewiting frommery it come in fits and starts

Saturday, September 10, 2016

After some slight technical difficulties...

I thought I had my story successfully online... I had about half of it. So I went back and fixed it and then waited for Amazon to catch up. So now you can finally in the words of Gordon gecko buy my book

Pilot to the director

first work is here It is a short story of a trip to an L5 Colony station 2072

So it begins

Greetings, and welcome to my blog as an Amazon Kindle writer, this is a new experiment, I have done bit of writing in the past, never gotten anything published in a realm of fiction. And so it begins.