Friday, September 23, 2016

Sometimes a story jumps out at you.

I have read essays by writers who tell me or rather tell us the public that sometimes a story comes to you and demands to be told. I have not experienced that sensation... Till now. I have spent hours dictating and otherwise arguing with Dragon naturally speaking to tell not a sci-fi story which is what I had been working on, a continuation of my first story pilot to the director, but a fictionalized version of a real story of my life. It is a story with a lot of what I would call the serial numbers polished off. It is story of a young gay boy coming of age, and an older bisexual guy me as happens dealing with his first man to man relationship involving things other than sex has I had done many times with close friends who were male but not lovers, combined with these other things and sex all-in-one package. This story new nothing ever before written down by me is now in one sitting twice as long as pilot my first story. Pilot is a hopefully funny sci-fi story. Michael this is not funny at all. The story is not erotica exactly or what one might call porn. When it is written I hope it will let people know just how ingrained heterosexuality is in American society.

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